Luke Preble from the Rotary Club’s preparedness team with Ready Raccoon

A critical element in transforming our island’s shared vision to become a recognized leader in preparedness in Washington State is for every nonprofit and for-profit organization on the island to have a Business Continuity Plan.

In the immediate aftermath of a major disaster, your first priority will be to take care of yourself, your loved ones, and your home. You do not want to have to worry about the survival of your organization. At the same time, the island’s recovery from a major disaster will not be easy, and cannot happen until organizations that islanders rely on every day for goods, services, and support are functioning again to empower our recovery efforts.

We know that you recognize the risk, and that having a Business Continuity Plan is an important part of your organization’s risk management efforts. We also know that you are very busy, and that preparing a plan takes time and effort. Ideally, you already have an up-to-date plan. If not, please find one of the following resources to be useful to kickstart your team’s conversation about preparedness.

Scott James, Bainbridge Prepares Founder and author of Prepared Neighborhoods, gave this 45-minute talk on Business Continuity, neighborhood resilience, personal preparedness, and how those are all connected to the Seattle chapter of Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), which they opened up to all the EO chapters on the West Coast and Hawaii. A special thanks to EO Seattle for generously allowing us to let us post the recording on our NGO’s site.



Additional resources: