Victory Gardens 2020!

Design: Susan Roth

Calling all home gardeners and pea-patchers! 

In the coming months many of our neighbors will be affected financially, impacting their ability to feed their families.  

The good news is that together we can take action now to help.

Plant a Lot

Join our partner Friends of the Farms in planting a Victory Garden this spring!  Plans are in the works to create a Victory Garden on the Morales public farmland with a wide variety of organically grown food crops that will mature spring, summer, and fall.  100% of their crop will be donated to Helpline House throughout the year. 

Write for tips on starting your own Victory Garden for your family and to share with others. Be sure to check out their low maintenance plant list.

If you want to volunteer (once it’s safe to do so) Friends of the Farms would love to have help planting and harvesting! Contact to find out more. 

Plant a Little

Are you putting in a garden this spring?  Plant a little extra and donate it to the food bank at Helpline House!

No Garden?  No Problem!

Here’s how you can bring home a Victory for our community:

Grow, Share, Eat, Repeat!

Thank you to project sponsor Brian MacWhorter and Butler Green Farms who will donate intern hours to the garden and will plow the space once we get it cleared. He also wants to donate ALL the plant starts he has that we hope to plant, he is working with Bainbridge Gardens to do virtual how-to veggie garden classes, and he is donating all his seconds this summer to Kitsap and Island food pantries and free meal programs.

Here’s a shout out to Joe Cardosi at Sound Reprographics for printing Susan Roth’s Victory Gardens 2020 posters at no charge to Bainbridge Prepares!

Want a Victory Gardens 2020! poster of your own?

Image created by Susan Roth.