N95 Fit Testing

With a combined team of Bainbridge Island Emergency Medical Responders (BIEMRS) as well as Bainbridge Island Medical Reserve Corp (BIMRC) members, we are available to do N95 mask fit testing for regional health care workers and first responders.

N95 Fit Test Team – March, 2020

We can and do test N95 alternatives (P95s, etc.) due to the currently limited supply of N95s. We have fit tested offices and individuals of the following practices:

  • Fernwood Dental
  • Wonder Dental
  • West Sound Dental
  • Peninsula Community Health
  • Sheldon Orthodontics
  • Bainbridge Island Volunteer Firefighters
  • Bainbridge Island Medical Reserve Corp
  • Bainbridge Island Parks & Recreation
  • Bainbridge Pediatrics
  • Bainbridge Senior Living
  • Pacifica Medicine
  • Suquamish Police Department
  • Uptown Dental
  • Cook Family Funeral Home
  • And more…

To contact this team for questions or scheduling, please email fit-test-scheduling@bainbridgeprepares.org.