Executive Team

From left: BIFD's Jared Moravec, COBI's Anne LeSage, and Bainbridge Prepares' Christina Aitchison, Loren Bast, and Scott James
From left: BIFD’s Jared Moravec, COBI’s Anne LeSage, and Bainbridge Prepares’ Christina Aitchison, Loren Bast, and Scott James

Bainbridge Island Fire Department: Deputy Chief Jared Moravec

City of Bainbridge Island: Emergency Management Coordinator Anne LeSage

Program Director: Christina Aitchison

Executive Director: Loren Bast

Founder and Board Chair: Scott James

We’re often asked for by others throughout the country how to recreate the Bainbridge Prepares organizational model in your own town or urban neighborhood. Please review the below video with our suggested best practices for doing so, as well as our organizational structure and details on individual teams, and then reach out to us with any additional questions.