Bainbridge Winter (Stay off the Roads) Wonderland

After yesterday’s snowstorm, the City of Bainbridge Island is encouraging people to stay off the roads if possible. The reason is that most roads still combine compact snow and ice. As of this morning, December 27, all priority-one roads have been plowed and are being salted, and hills and intersections have been sanded. Priority-one roads … More Bainbridge Winter (Stay off the Roads) Wonderland

BIEMRs in Winter Wonderland

Bainbridge Island Emergency Medical Responders staffed the First Aid booth at the Bainbridge Island Parks’ Winter Wonderland festival this past Saturday, December 8, at Waterfront Park. There were no major injuries, but the BIEMRs provided a few bandaids and, in conjunction with Community Emergency Response Team members, helped fix a light failure on the festival … More BIEMRs in Winter Wonderland