Resource Acquisition & Deployment

The Resource Acquisition & Deployment team (“They are RAD!” exclaims COBI EM Coordinator Anne LeSage) acts as a general clearinghouse and matchmaker for all inbound needs requests from citizens, inbound needs requests from organizations until the EOC is activated, and inbound offers of time/resources from citizens. It is charged with the collection, organization, and redistribution of all donated and acquired materials as directed by the EOC.

This team includes liaisons to newly activated partner organizations in the community (e.g. the awesome folks at BARN) and pop up organizing groups on social media (e.g. Mask Makers). This team also bubbles up requests for people power to the EOC so additional credentialed resources can be activated (e.g. CERT).

The Team Lead from RAD is assigned to the EOC Ops section. Contact Anne LeSage to learn more.