Three Days of Preparedness (2019)

What a great event! We’re already getting excited about 2020! If you’d like to join the steering committee for this the 2020 version of this event, please contact Executive Director Loren Bast. You can view the 2019 video recordings here for each speaker: Dr. Erin Wirth and Chuck Turley.

FRIDAY, 9/27

We begin the 5th Annual Three Days of Preparedness with a Speaker Series at City Hall: 6:30 PM.

Chuck Turley, head of DNR’s Wildfire Division, will kick off the event by talking about how Washington state is preparing for longer and more devastating wildfire seasons.

Dr. Erin WirthDr. Erin Wirth is with the University of Washington as well as the US Geologic Survey will present the efforts her teams are making to simulate seismic activity along the Cascadia subduction zone, what they’re learning, and how they’re helping communities prepare for the effects.

** Important Note: because of the limited capacity of the Council space at City Hall, please reserve tickets for the event. Tickets are free, but donations are very happily accepted.


Day 2, “Expo Day”, occurs at City Hall from 2 to 5 PM and will include workshops, vendors, and giveaways!

The workshops and presentations will include:

  • COBI’s Emergency Manager Anne LeSage, Bainbridge Prepares Executive Director Loren Bast, and BI Fire Department’s Deputy Chief Jared Morevec will give an overview of the efforts their partnership have undertaken in the last year to make Bainbridge Island “the most resilient town in Washington state, if not the nation!”
  • Rotary’s Tom McCloskey and Paula Weissinger of State Farm Insurance will give an overview of business continuity after a disaster (natural or other).
  • Bainbridge Prepares’ Loren Bast will return to the stage to close out the Expo with his newly revised presentation about emergency power: “Oh no! The power is out!”

SUNDAY, 9/29

The weekend will conclude on Sunday with a Hubs (Shelter) Demo/Overview at the Senior Center from 2 to 3:30 PM.