Food, Water, & Sanitation

Led by John Fossett of Kitsap Regional Library fame and arborist Shaun Swalley, this team is focused on food, along with related community projects of water, and sanitation. The team also includes Heather Burger (Friends of the Farms), Maria Metzler (Helpline House), Christian Berg (COBI Water Resources Technician), Becca Hanson (Designer Extraordinaire of Zoos, aquariums, and more), Morgan Houk (Friends of the Farms), Mark Arvidson (Army, Retired—Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness), Jen Prodzinski (Islandwood), and Larry Lofgren (attorney).

Design by Susan Roth

Food is a key component of shelter-in-place kits needed by everyone who lives in an earthquake zone. Sometimes buying a readymade shelter-in-place kit is easier and faster than building your own. We have a partnership with Cascadia Quake Kits which donates 5% of your purchase back to Bainbridge Prepares to further our community work.

And by creating a collaborative community-wide network to grow the maximum amount of food possible on the island, we can preserve and share it in both good times and emergency times. Farms + food bank = food security. To learn more about our joint venture with Friends of the Farms, visit the Bainbridge Food Forest page and join our Victory Gardens campaign today!

This team also creates and encourages the implementation of best practices for potable water storage and sanitation throughout the island with both residents and organizations. As you might expect, water storage is included in the shelter-in-place kits from Cascadia Quake Kits.

Cascadia Quake Kits