Animal Care

Considering the needs of our furry and feathered friends, this team is working with island veterinarians and animal professionals to create the 24/7 strategic care plan for our domestic animals.

The 2021/2022 goals for this team include: 

  • Outreach and information gathering about animals on BI
  • Livestock, Horses, Household Pets, Exotic Animals
  • Develop strategy for animal care/sheltering – animal specific Hub or animals at current Hubs
  • Develop plan for emergency care for injured pets
  • Develop plan to educate the community on preparing for their pets and to teach animal first aid
  • Create resource list with vets on island, pet supply resources, etc
  • Longer term goal to identify resources and needs for evacuating large animals in a wildfire situation

The team is led by Suzanne Ferguson and Yasuyo Sousa. Please contact them to learn more and if you also share this passion, join the team!