Support from PSE Foundation

Great news! PSE Foundation continues to lift communities as we begin 2022. We are among the recipients of the PSE Foundation’s competitive grants focused on helping our communities heal from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Foundation has awarded nearly $800,000 to 89 nonprofit organizations in the counties they serve, including these from Kitsap county: + Bainbridge … More Support from PSE Foundation

Community Preparedness: Love, not Fear

We’re often asked for by others throughout the country how to recreate the Bainbridge Prepares organizational model in your own town or urban neighborhood. With that in mind our Founder Scott James recorded the below video with our suggested best practices and the lessons we’ve learned over the past nine years. If you are interested … More Community Preparedness: Love, not Fear

Victory Gardens 2020!

Calling all home gardeners and pea-patchers!  In the coming months many of our neighbors will be affected financially, impacting their ability to feed their families. The good news is that together we can take action now to help. Plant a Lot Join our partner Friends of the Farms in planting a Victory Garden this spring!  Plans are in … More Victory Gardens 2020!