Who Do You Love?

Kitsap Great Give logoWe hope it’s us! Today, April 11, is the 10th annual Kitsap Great Give, the once-a year-fundraising event for our county. And what better way too show the love for your county, the place where you live, than to support the organization whose mission is to help you prepare for and survive emergencies and disasters that affect our home?

You know we’re doing good work because in 2022 we were named National Emergency Management Voluntary Organization of the Year by the International Association of Emergency Managers. In 2021, the Bainbridge Community Foundation awarded us its Humanitarian Award. Our website has been recognized by Feedspot as one of the top 40 emergency preparedness blogs (we’re currently ranked number 6), and we won a Web Award for our content.

So you know we’re legit. And every day, our staff, our board, and our 700 volunteers work hard for you, your family, your neighborhood, and this island we call home.

Today, show us the love! Make a donation to Bainbridge Prepares here. Want to see the link? Here it is: https://www.kitsapgreatgive.org/organization/bainbridge-prepares1.

Thank you for your support!

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