Get New Red Cross Emergency Alert App for Weather & Natural Disasters

Red Cross Emergency AppThe new free Emergency App recently released by the American Red Cross offers real-time alerts for weather and other natural disasters including earthquake, wildfire, tsunami, floods, extreme heat, extreme cold, and home fire. Users simply add their zip code, and the app monitors the location. Users can add multiple locations to monitor the safety of family and friends. The app also helps people prepare for different types of emergencies. One of the best features of the app is that users may configure it for English- or Spanish-language alerts.

The app offers the following additional features:

  • Improved speed for notifications even during multiple weather events.
  • 40 different customizable emergency alerts so you can stay informed.
  • Critical alerts that can override the Do Not Disturb Mode because some alerts, like Tornado Warnings, require you to act immediately.
  • An improved interactive map to find Red Cross shelters and track conditions with six different weather overlays.
  • The ability to access Red Cross safety content even without mobile connectivity.

Download the app for iOS or Android here. Or text GETEMERGENCY to 90999.

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