January Is Resolve to Be Ready Month: Here’s What to Do

Resolve to be readyYou toasted the new year and made well-intentioned resolutions. Now comes the harder part: Carrying them out. But this part doesn’t have to be that difficult, especially when your resolution involves emergency preparedness. Here is a simple checklist of actions you can work through until that very satisfying moment when you check off the last item. (To make things easier, we’ve included the list as a downloadable PDF too.)


  • Make an emergency plan for your family/pets/livestock or employees:
    • Choose a safe place to meet.
    • Create an evacuation plan for disasters requiring evacuation.
    • Establish an out-of-town contact for your family to reach out to after an emergency (sometimes after an emergency, out-of-state communication is restored faster).
  • Map your Neighborhood. This is our local foundational system for community emergency prep. In 2023, you and your neighbors can get organized. It’s not difficult. Read about it here.
  • Set up group text lists so you can communicate with friends and family during emergencies.
  • Sign up for alerts and warnings from COBI (Text 98110 to 888777) and FEMA (text ANDROID to 43362 or text APPLE to 43362).


  • Keep and update emergency supplies for every person and animal for three weeks:
    • Nonperishable food
    • Water (1 gallon per person per day)
    • Cash in smaller bills
    • First aid supplies
    • Batteries and flashlights
    • Power sources already charged
  • Keep and update supplies in your vehicles:
    • Blankets
    • Water
    • Snacks
    • Emergency radio
    • Batteries
    • First aid kit
    • Phone chargers
  • Refuel your vehicle when you hit the half tank mark.
  • Prepare a go bag for evacuation:
    • Document photocopies
    • A few key items (photos, jewelry) you want to be certain not to lose
    • Prescriptions
    • A change of clothes
    • Sturdy shoes
    • Gloves


  • Take a current photo of you and your children and pets together in case you get separated during a disaster.
  • Take photos of important documents and save them online.
  • Take photos of your property for insurance purposes.
  • Make a list of the things you would need or want to take with you if you had to leave your home quickly.
  • Update your pet’s microchip registration info so you can be contacted if your pet gets lost in a disaster.
  • Put your name and contact information on your pet’s ID tag in case you’re separated in an emergency.


  • Check your insurance for your disaster coverage (floods, tornados, wildfire, and earthquakes).
  • Start and grow an emergency fund and create an emergency financial first aid kit.


  • Take a class in CPR and first aid. Bainbridge Prepares and the Bainbridge Island Fire Department offer classes throughout the year.
  • Learn how to shut off propane and other gas valves.

With simple steps, you can ease your mind by making 2023 a year of being prepared.

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