Are Your Pets Prepped for Emergency? Join This Zoom Presentation from the Experts

Emergency Prep for Pets

Pets and livestock are often the missing link in people’s emergency preparedness plans and supplies. But if you forget your pets in preparation, they’re going to be sharing your limited food supply during an emergency. Or you’re going to be confronting their injuries and not know how to help them.

On December 13, Doctor Mark Swaney, DVM, and the Bainbridge Prepares Domestic Animal Care Team will help answer your questions in a Zoom presentation. You’ll learn how to prepare in advance and also get some instructions for responding to pet First Aid emergencies in the event of a disaster.

The presentation runs from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. You need to register in advance to get the Zoom link. Register by emailing or clicking here.

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