Veg Club for Sept: Storing your Harvest in the Pantry, Garden, Fridge, Freezer, even Garage

Whether you grow them or buy them, you can keep many crops for weeks to months if they’re well stored. We’ll talk about how to protect fresh crops (even in the garden), as well as how to cure and store harvested ones like squash, and preserve others in the fridge, freezer, and pantry so you can eat local, organic produce all winter.  If we have time, we’ll talk a little seed-saving, as well. Don’t let that harvest go to waste. Summer plum cake in January? Yum! 

Meet via Zoom at

Email with questions about classes & field trips.

To watch previous Veg Club sessions on the Bainbridge Prepares YouTube channel, click below.

Feb: Starting Your Garden: What, When, Where, Locally Adapted Seeds

Mar: Season Extension: How to get more from your garden over a longer season

Apr: The Power of a Healthy Soil Ecosystem

May: Common Pests & Diseases + Predatory Insects & How to Attract Them

Jun: Eat from Your Garden All Fall, Winter, & Early Spring + irrigation resources

Jul: Preserving Your Harvest: Canning at BARN In-Person Field Trip- no video recorded

Aug: Fabulous Fruit Tree In-Person Field Trip- no video recorded

Sept: Storing Your Harvest in Garden, Garage, and Pantry- Zoom, 7 – 9 pm, Tuesday Sept 13

Oct: Fermentation Class at BARN- Free! Probably Oct. 11, Registration required, but not yet open. Watch for notifications. 

Nov: Composting at Bainbridge Library Garden- Free. Probably on a Friday at 1:00. Registration likely required — stay tuned!

Veg Club is a joint production of Bainbridge Prepares & The Bainbridge Branch of Kitsap Regional Library.

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