Take a Gander at Laughing Crow Farm Next Sunday

How does long-time Island farmer Betsey Wittick juggle a vineyard, a winery, and a produce farm while relying on draft horses for much of her field work? Come find out!  Betsey will show us Laughing Crow Farm and Bainbridge Vineyards on the land originally owned by foundational Island farmer Akio Suyematsu. After the tour, walk to the neighboring farm stand to buy produce from other island farms. 

Registration required; group size is limited.

Sunday August 28, 10 a.m.–noon or so

8997 E Day Rd., Bainbridge Island

Click here to register.

Farm Trips are a joint project of  Bainbridge Prepares and the Bainbridge branch of Kitsap Regional Libraries. If you have any questions, please contact FarmTrips@hawkapp.com or Carol at 206-331-1979. 

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