Food Resilience Team Co-Sponsors Fruit Tree Field Trip

fig tree

Want to learn how to grow fruit trees as part of your emergency prep? Darren Murphy, head of the Bainbridge Island Fruit Club, wants to show you how he grows dozens of types of fruit in his small suburban garden, including berries, grapes, and multigrafted tree fruits. The tour is open to all levels of fruit growers and gardeners, and it’s free. Email to reserve your space or to ask questions about the field trip.

The tour is another offering of Veg Club. The Bainbridge Prepares Food Resilience Team has partnered with the Bainbridge Branch of the Kitsap Regional Library to sponsor the club, a gardening class series currently offered mostly via Zoom.

Upcoming Veg Club Classes

  • September: Storing Your Harvest in Garden, Garage, and Pantry 
  • October: Composting 

Image by Flikkersteph.

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