Join the Psychological First Aid Team

The Psychological First Aid Team of Bainbridge Prepares is seeking new members to join its team. No previous mental health training is needed, only a willingness to assist your fellow islanders in the event of a crisis situation.

The goal of Psychological First Aid is to promote safety, connectedness, and self-empowerment for the citizens of Bainbridge Island to calmly care for themselves and others in the event of a disaster or crisis. PFA helps individuals remain resilient in all sorts of stressful situations.

PFA can be provided regardless of the role you play in a disaster response. It is a useful skill for all Map Your Neighborhood participants, Bainbridge Prepares teams, and anyone who may be helping out during a difficult time.

A YouTube video introduction to PFA is available on the Bainbridge Prepares PFA team page and additional information on the subject can be found at National Child Traumatic Stress Network.

A full online training that provides certification in PFA can be found at: Johns Hopkins PFA Training.

If you have an interest, please contact

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