Bainbridge Island Review Covers Flotilla Drills During CR22

The Cascadia Rising 2022 emergency response series occurred last week throughout the tri-state region of Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Government, NGO, private, and tribal organizations and volunteers practiced a coordinated response to a massive 9.0 subduction zone earthquake and resulting 100-foot tsunami. A number of Bainbridge Prepares teams mobilized during the effort to work in concert with city and state partners.

BI Emergency Management Coordinator Anne LeSage walks away from a flotilla dinghy at Manzanita Bay.

Here on Bainbridge, teams assembled across the island drilled on various aspects of disaster response throughout the week. Last Tuesday, Bainbridge Island Review reporter Nancy Treder shadowed the Flotilla team’s efforts and wrote a story about it for the Review on June 19th [read the full story here].

The Flotilla team is managed by the Harbormaster and composed of a volunteer corps of citizens who utilize their private vessels to assist the City when activated. Team leads Tami Allen (Bainbridge Island Police Harbormaster) and Stuart Scadron-Wattles and the Flotilla team specifically drilled to bring in local personnel and supplies by boat working under the scenario that the Agate Pass bridge and Winslow ferry dock were damaged and unusable.

The Flotilla was activated to pick up 20 City, Police, and Fire personnel from five Kitsap beaches and ports where they then disembarked for two Bainbridge ports (Port Madison and Manzanita Bay). Here, the personnel were transferred to ground transportation provided by CERT volunteers to their places of work. In the afternoon, the process was reversed, to return those people to their Kitsap pick-up locations.

Victor Cheng speaks with Scott James during flotilla operations.

An additional flotilla boat retrieved cargo from the Kitsap Department of Emergency Management in Port Orchard for delivery to the City Dock at Eagle Harbor. The team also conducted two live “person overboard” drills in conjunction with the Poulsbo chapter of Salish Sea Rescue.

We’re always looking for new members, whether you’re a vessel owner or and experienced crew. If you live in and around Bainbridge Island or your vessel is moored here, we’d love to have you on our team.

For more information on joining the Flotilla Team, go here.

Photos courtesy of Nancy Treder and the Bainbridge Review.

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