Veg Club Zoom 6/14: Winter Garden Prep Starts in Spring

Did you know that you can harvest many crops from your garden in winter and early spring?  Food holds so well in the winter garden that it’s like a refrigerator where produce never goes bad. It’s been a great convenience and source of nutrition during “Covid time,” and it’s extremely satisfying to eat from the garden when it’s cold outside.

Learning to make your garden bear all year is certainly an emergency preparedness skill. While a few winter crops are started in the fall, many are actually started in the summer.

Attend our June 14 Veg Club session via Zoom to see the many crops you can grow, when to plant them, and how to protect them in winter. It’s free and all are welcome.

Join us via Zoom from 7 to 9 p.m. on Tuesday, June 14  and  the second Tuesday of every month at

To watch previous sessions on the Bainbridge Prepares YouTube channel, click the links below.

Email with questions about schedule & field trips.

Topics include

Feb: Starting Your Garden: What, When, Where, Locally Adapted Seeds

Mar: Season Extension: How to get more from your garden over a longer season

Apr: The Power of a Healthy Soil Ecosystem

May: Common Pests & Diseases + Predatory Insects & How to Attract Them

Jun: Eat from Your Garden All Fall, Winter, & Early Spring + irrigation resources

Jul: Preserving Your Harvest: Canning at BARN In-Person Field Trip

Aug: Fabulous Fruit Tree In-Person Field Trip

Sept: Storing Your Harvest in Garden, Garage, and Pantry

Oct: Composting

Veg Club is a joint production of Bainbridge Prepares & Kitsap Regional Libraries

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