Vegetable Garden Success: Monthly Veg Club Zoom Classes

Want more success in your vegetable garden? Want to know what long-time growers know? How about local resources? You want Veg Club!

This series of classes covers everything from beginner basics to specialized local resources and techniques for experienced growers. Each month, long-time home gardening geek Carol Appenzeller, who describes herself as someone who thinks about growing food more than anyone probably should, will cover a different topic to lead you through seasonally appropriate tasks, skills, and discussions. Come share your solutions, too. It’s on Zoom, so it’s easy to attend. You can watch previous sessions on the Bainbridge Prepares YouTube channel, linked below. Let’s get together, gardeners!

In our May session we’ll learn about:

  • Common Northwest diseases and pests and how to thwart them
  • Which insects and other organisms can actually help you solve pest problems
  • How to attract these creatures to work for you while making your garden more beautiful

Join us via Zoom from 7 to 9 p.m. on Tuesday, May 10  and  the second Tuesday of every month at

2022 Veg Club calendar below with links to previous sessions.

Feb: Planning: Starting Your Garden: What, When, Where, Locally Adapted Seeds

Mar: Season Extension: How to get more from your garden over a longer season

Apr: The Power of a Healthy Soil Ecosystem

May: Common Pests, Diseases, Beneficial Insect & How to Attract Them

Jun: Eat from Your Garden All Fall & Winter

Jul: Preserving Your Harvest: Canning at BARN Field Trip

Aug: Fabulous Fruit Tree Field Trip

Sept: Storing Your Harvest in Garden, Garage, and Pantry

Oct: Composting

More info at

Veg Club is a joint production of Bainbridge Prepares & Kitsap Regional Libraries

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