9/11 Anniversary Fundraiser

Melissa McClain is an amazing local artist (with an extensive professional background in emergency preparedness) who has created an interactive “Art of Wellness” class/venue at the Dayaalu Center.

Art of Wellness











The Art Of Wellness project combines Melissa Anne’s Impressionist photography and wellness practices for an embodied experience with nature. Sit with large format Impressionist photography images while listening to guided, pre-recorded meditation and breath practices inspired by each image.

Wellness practices last 15-20 minutes each and a single registration allows time to explore 2 practices. Smart phone or wireless tablet and personal earbuds/earphones required. Floor and chair seating available. No meditation experience necessary.

Click to register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/melissa-anne-colors-art-of-wellness-911-fundraiser-for-bainbridge-prepares-tickets-170209580437?aff=BainbridgePrepares

Thank you, Melissa, for your service on 9/11 as well as your continuing community involvement!

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