Bainbridge Prepares Recognized by Seattle News

Eric's HeroesKOMO News Anchor Eric Johnson likes to feature local heroes on the news and in his online column, Eric’s Heroes. This week the hero was a large group of heroes, Bainbridge Prepares volunteers who have been working the Bainbridge Island COVID Response Team’s vaccine clinics.

Singled out in Johnson’s spot are Bainbridge Prepares’ Medical Reserve Corps and specifically Nurse Peggy Vishner, Dr. Marc Miller, Nurse Gretchen Sewell, Dr. David Cowan, Dr. Sundance Rogers, Pharmacist Julie Fox, and Doctor Andrea Chymiy. Johnson also spoke with COBI Emergency Management Coordinator Anne LeSage.

Johnson mentions that “In the last 60-days, volunteers have worked more than 3,500 hours here. With no regrets.” Dr. Chymiy says, “It’s just a really amazing example of a town coming together to help each other.”

The segment concludes with mention of the 10,000-vaccine milestone reached by the team last week.

To watch the segment, Answering the Call, click here.

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