Raising Resilience Video Helps Community with Grief Over Deaths of Three Teens This Week

Nani Baran

In the wake of the deaths of three Bainbridge High School girls this week in a car accident, Raising Resilience has released a video interview with grief counselor Nani Baran, MA, LMHC. The video features Raising Resilience’s Lisa Gsellman speaking with Baran specifically about the loss to the girls’ families, friends, and community and about grief in general.

In the video, Baran makes the point that grief is like an earthquake in that it turns things upside down for us internally. She also stresses that humans are designed to handle grief and that, with time, our sense of devastation lessens and our ability to find joy returns. She talks about the timeline of grief in terms of months and years—Baran says, “It takes so much longer than you think.” She urges people not to rush grief.

In the interview, Gsellman asks Baran questions from the community. Some of the questions specifically address how teens handle grief and how adults can help them deal with it.

Bainbridge Youth Services can provide grief counseling for young people. Helpline House can provide counseling for young people if Bainbridge Youth Services is booked up, and it also offers counseling to adults. Helpline wants the community to know they can schedule with them for one or two sessions without needing to establish an ongoing relationship with a counselor. Because Helpline can add therapist hours as needed, people don’t need to worry about “taking” appointments that others might “need more.”

Contact BYS here. Contact Helpline here. 

See the video here.


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