Is Bainbridge the Most Resilient Community in the Nation?

Bainbridge IslandAccording to Ethos Preparedness—emergency preparedness consultants and manufacturers of emergency equipment—Bainbridge is “a contender” for most resilient community in the United States. On their Linked In page, Ethos says the reason is that the “community has invested in resilience, embodied by its nonprofit organization ‘Bainbridge Prepares’ that partners with the City of Bainbridge Island and the Bainbridge Island Fire Dept to focus on disaster resilience.”

The brief article describes Bainbridge as “an island sitting squarely on top of a fault zone in Puget Sound” and as a community that “understands their risks well.” As a consultant on emergency prep, Ethos looks to Bainbridge as an example of intra-agency coordination and asks, “What can organizational preparedness professionals learn from communities that value resilience programs like ‘Bainbridge Prepares,’ or the dedicated people that execute those resilience initiatives?”

One of the comments below the piece, from Steven Eberlein (someone acquainted with Bainbridge Prepares and founder Scott James’s book Prepared Neighborhoods) adds another dimension of insight: “Preparedness culture is not about emergency water containers, fancy tools, and bunker readiness. It’s about knowing your neighbors, sharing your skills, and organizing around reality rather than reacting from fear.”

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