Washington Enters New Vaccination Tier

COVID-19 Vaccine Phases

This week, on January 18, the State of Washington announced that we had entered a new tier in the COVID-19 vaccination rollout. Tier 1 of Phase B1 is for people 65 or older and for people 50 or older who live in a multigenerational household. This means that any people who meet those criteria and any people who qualified in the prior tiers, A1 and A2, may now sign up to get vaccinated against the virus. A1 and A2 were for high-risk health care workers in health care settings, high-risk first responders, long-term care residents, and at-risk workers in health care settings.

The vaccine is administered in two doses, with three to four weeks in between doses, depending on whether the vaccine is the Moderna or the Pfizer version.

On Bainbridge Island, three vaccine providers have been approved by the State:

You can also get the vaccine at CHI Franciscan in Silverdale.

Determine your eligibility for the vaccine and select a vaccine provider at FindYourPhaseWA.org. Do NOT contact the City, the Bainbridge Island Fire Department, Bainbridge Prepares, Bainbridge Island Community Pharmacy, Member Plus Family Health, or Virginia Mason for information about vaccinations.

The Bainbridge Island Senior Center will help seniors determine their eligibility online once vaccines are available locally. Island Volunteer Caregivers will provide transportation to seniors needing to access a clinic for the vaccine.

Please note that there is currently not enough vaccine to meet demand on Bainbridge, so your vaccine appointment will be scheduled out at least a few weeks. Virginia Mason has a wait list, Member Plus Family Health is beginning by vaccinating existing patients, and Bainbridge Island Community Pharmacy is out of first dose vaccines this week.

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