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Cascadia Quake Kits are designed to bridge the gap between knowing you need to prepare your family for disaster and actually preparing your family for disaster. The woman-owned Portland-based company sells pre-packaged two-week kits that range from starter to essential and comprehensive levels, containing everything from water 332-3325550_cascadia-quake-kits-itemprop-logo-rise-of-skywalkerand food, warmth and shelter, light and communication, tools and safety, to first aid and hygiene supplies.

The kits are the only pre-packaged emergency kits that meet recommendations of Oregon and Washington State emergency managers and the Cascades Region Red Cross. Read more about those recommendations here.

You can buy kits from CQK for a variety of family sizes, from one-person to six-person supply levels. The company also sells three-day car and work packs so that you can be prepared even when you’re not at home and a 170-serving 25-year shelf-life emergency food supply.

As CQK’s affiliate partner, Bainbridge Prepares gets 5 percent from every sale. So, if you’ve been hesitating because you’re not just not sure how to put together a kit for yourself and your family, hesitate no more. Get yourself ready and support your favorite emergency preparedness organization at the same time.

CQK founder Marilyn Bishop shared her insights into what keeps people from building their emergency kits: “For so many, the task feels overwhelming, so they put it off. It’s been incredibly fulfilling to help people in this important way.” She also saluted BP for its “excellent work.”

Ready to get started building your kit? Click here.

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