Connections Cafe Links Parents During COVID

Connections Cafe

When the pandemic hit, Raising Resilience—a local organization whose mission is to use parenting education, connections, and resources to help families thrive—had to figure out how to continue to support families during social distancing. The result? Connections Cafe, “a free virtual Cafe to help our parenting community come together (while keeping their distance) to process and implement the shift in our daily lives.”

Topics already covered at the Cafe include the following:

  • Behavioral Support Strategies for Toddler through Teens with Shealeen Kennedy, M.Ed, BCBA, LBA
  • Boosting Your Immune System (and your mood) with Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach Stephanie Dalton
  • Parenting with Compassion (for yourself and your child) with educator and Virtues Project Master Facilitator Betsy Lydle Smith

Here are some upcoming topics:

  • Mindful Parenting Through Crisis with Jendi Watson, Hakomi Therapist
  • Validating Your Child’s Need for Independence with Bainbridge Youth Services counselor Courtney Smith
  • Healthy Alternatives to Team Sports & Activities with BIFC Director of Coaching Ian McCallum
  • Finding Unity Through Crisis (couples parenting through crisis)
  • Positive Parenting with Peggy Koivu

To visit the Cafe, click here.


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