20 Wellness Tips for Staying Strong, Resilient, & Healthy

IMG_7459The BP Wellness Team has put together a list of tips for self-care (outside of the obvious hygiene practices). Download PDF.

  1. REST. Take micro rests if possible especially if you are a First Responder or under a lot of stress. Go to bed on time. Rest replenishes and fortifies!
  2. EAT HEALTHY whole foods (fruits and veggies!). This helps prevent sickness, keeps the mind clear and body strong!
  3. HYDRATE. Maintain a balanced level of fluids in the body by drinking water with lemon, herbal teas, broths; this helps with respiratory illness.
  4. ELIMINATE or REDUCE sugar, alcohol, caffeine. They can lower the immune system, dehydrate, and stress the body’s systems.
  5. GROUND. Connect with nature, go barefoot, do a certain yoga pose like child’s pose, mindful walking, take a break from technology, there are many ways. This helps yourself and others be more present rather than scattered.
  6. ESSENTIAL OILS. If you do well with EO’s use grounding and calming ones such vetiver, sandalwood, frankincense, white fir, lavender etc. If you don’t know much about EO’s connect with someone who does!
  7. SMILE & LAUGH. Smiling and laughing release compounds called endorphins and dopamine; these are a group of peptide hormones that increase pain tolerance and positively affect your emotions!
  8. Get OUTSIDE time for fresh air and movement, to absorb sights, smells, and sounds of nature!
  9. MOVEMENT and EXERCISE. This helps significantly with the immune system by getting the blood which has oxygen in it pumped to all parts of the body. It also helps the brain unlock!
  10. BREATHE. Get in touch with your breath, and let it benefit you! 
Deeper breathing brings calming, oxygen, and clarity to the body. Longer exhales soothe the nervous system. Check out the breathing exercises pdfs from the BP Wellness team page to stay calm, grounded, and of sound mind!

  11. MINDFULNESS BASED STRESS REDUCTION. Practice mindfulness throughout the day! You can learn more here about various Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) techniques here.
  12. MEDITATE. Even a one-minute meditation can be helpful to clear the mind. Clarity makes for better responses and wiser choices.
  13. TAKE a BREAK. Who doesn’t need to reset? A favorite quote by T.S. Elliott: “Every moment is a new beginning.”
  14. BEAUTY. Notice and share it virtually or when you with others! This can renew the spirit and enhance wellness.
  15. SELF-CARE. Self-care is world care! If there isn’t ample self-care others cannot be adequately cared for. Amp up any self-care practices, create new ones!
  16. CREATIVITY. Expand and practice this whether it is with a work situation, home, kids, loved ones, or individual choices to stay healthy and strong!
  17. MANTRA. Adopt a daily mantra such as, “this too shall pass,” “do everything in love.” A mantra inspires and gives strength.
  18. SHARE. Share tools, resources, support, connections you may have with others! This helps strengthen community and connectedness.
  19. GRATITUDE. Deepen or start a gratitude practice (gratitude journaling, buddying up to share gratitudes). Gratitude keeps us healthy!
  20. LOVE & WISDOM. Moment to moment practice living, responding, communicating, in Love and Wisdom, not fear—you have the choice!

Bainbridge Prepares Wellness Team

Photo by Sarah Lane.

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