Spring 2019 Wilderness First Responder Training

by Clint Pells

Bainbridge Island needs you. Our community’s Emergency Management strategy combines the resources of the City of Bainbridge Island, The Bainbridge Island Fire Department, community organizations such as Bainbridge Prepares, and most importantly community volunteers. We need volunteers to complete the Wilderness First Responder training and join the BIEMR Team.

As a trained Wilderness First Responder (WFRs), you would be volunteering to staff an emergency hub during a crisis (after securing your family’s safety) in order to provide emergency medical care until patients can be transported to more definitive care. You would be joining more than 70 of your neighbors who have already done the training. The training is empowering, fun, and challenging.

The course is a hybrid of 80 hours—40 online and 40 onsite. Students must be available for the full onsite training. The onsite portion of the training will be conducted March 8th, 9th,10, and March 16th, and 17th 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, at Fire Station 23. You can read the course description and requirements (from the previous session) at https://goo.gl/bTLBAU.

Contact Clint Pells at clintpells.bi@outlook.com for a fuller description of the volunteer program, the Wilderness First Responder training, and signup instructions. Please join the Bainbridge Island WFRs (woofers) and make a difference in your community’s future.

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