Give to What Matters Most to You

If you are like me, your inbox is filling with heartfelt requests from local nonprofits for our One Call For All campaign. Our theme this year is “Give to what matters most to you.” I enjoy this time of year as it is a tangible reminder for just how much awesome stuff is produced by awesome people in our community.This year we’re honored to have Bainbridge Prepares join that group of nonprofits. If our approach to preparedness through lens of love rather than fear is appealing to you, please consider supporting more of this work through a donation.

And as you consider “what matters most to you most” please extend that conversation to the rest of your family and (you guessed it) to your neighbors.

Speaking of neighbors, be sure you check in with them via before making any purchases from our Amazon-linked shopping guides for sheltering-in-place, Go Bags, and Get Home bags. Remember that relationships are more important than gear in an emergency. Please use these links only after you’ve shopped for what you can from our local retailers; you can print a PDF version of these checklists to take with you for local shopping.

Throughout the year we have training opportunities; this month our training partner Empact Northwest will be at City Hall at 1pm on December 16 teaching about Go Bags, family reunification plans, and more. Register here.

Next month we’re featuring the folks from PSE conducting their High Voltage Safety Training at City Hall on January 18. Join us to learn what to do – and not do – around around down or damaged energized lines and other utility electrical equipment. Details here.

Finally, we’re always on the look out for volunteers for our wide variety of teams. Specifically right now we’d love to have a social media wizard and WordPress helper join the team. Please let us know if you want to use your keyboard ninja skills to better our community!

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